News from the Junior Prep
Thursday, 17 November 2011 11:10

Grade One Essenwood Spar and McDonald’s Outing:
The grade one pupils thoroughly enjoyed their time shopping at Essenwood Spar. They needed to buy all of the ingredients for their baking activity. After the shopping expedition they went on a tour of McDonalds and they all had a wonderful experience learning about how the food is prepared. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Stiles for giving each of the grade one pupils an ice-cream. The pupils all drew a picture of a delicious McDonald's hamburger and chips. All of these drawings are on display at McDonalds in Richards Bay. The following pupils received prizes for their works of art: Etienne Coertse, Jessica Greeff, Yuichi Nishihira, Gabriella Spies and Ashton Woolridge. Thank you to the teachers and parents who accompanied the pupils on this lovely outing.

Our Grade 3 Tarantula Spider Expert – Jason Harris:
Jason Harris, who is presently in Grade 3, takes a special interest in spiders. Jason has a tarantula spider for a pet and he prepared an informative talk for the Pre-School pupils telling them all about this interesting creature. Jason also asked the Pre-School pupils questions pertaining to his talk and awarded them with novelty prizes. The pupils were enthralled by his spider and thoroughly enjoyed his 'show and tell'. Thank you, Jason, you are an 'out of the box' thinker and we appreciate all the effort that you put into this exceptional presentation.

Louisa van der Walt
JP Phase Head

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