Grade 8 Orientation
Friday, 27 January 2012 07:45

On Monday morning we arrived nervous of the unknown, but very, very excited.  After introducing ourselves to everyone, we did activities and went around getting to know the College and the Code of Conduct.

On Tuesday, the first day of school, we were dressed as super-heroes wearing a cape and a poster around our neck and our choice of cartoon character in our hands.  The challenging task for the week was to get the signatures of all the matrics.  This was no easy task as the signatures came at a price:  from doing backstroke across the hall, barking at a tree, to proposing to an unknown matric!

College was a noisy place during breaks as the Grade 8s were practicing songs and war cries.

Our sleepover and braai was the highlight of the week.   We had an afternoon of fun, sticky and gross activities followed by a family braai.  The sleepover was full of ghost stories while walking around the grounds in the dark. With some of us having only had a few hours of sleep, we got a not-too-gentle wake up call for a morning jog at 04h20!

In assembly that morning we were fully accepted into the College:  we were told who our mentors would be and we began a new tradition of ringing a small bell to symbolize entering the College.  The circle will be completed when we ring the big bell when we matriculate in 2016.  The class of 2016 is legend!