Junior Prep News
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 11:26

Grade 1:
Welcome to all of the new Grade 1 students who have joined the Grantleigh family.  The Grade One Children have all settled in. They are following the daily routines and they seem to be thoroughly enjoying their specialist lessons.
There were many eager faces when they headed off for the first cricket practice, on Monday.
By the end of this week, all of the extra-mural sessions would have been experienced and Grade 1 will be heading into the coming, exciting year, full steam ahead.
One little fellow said on Friday, that he didn’t want holidays, he just wanted to stay at school. (Long may that attitude last – Eager Beaver)


The teachers have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of you delightful children in their respective classes. The pupils have settled in well and most importantly are spending a happy day at school.
• Recapping the bonds of ten
• Colour and Shapes
• Having loads of fun working with weight
• Recapping the vowels a,e, i, o and u 
             Life Skills
• Working hard to fine tune correct written letter formation
• Theme: I am special and unique and so are OTHERS!
 Learning about themselves/feelings.
 Learning about the feelings of others.

Grade 3:
The Grade 3’s have adjusted well to the routine of their new class.  They are excited to be writing in cursive which looks very smart. Afrikaans is a new challenge which they face this year.  All are very pleased to have a big desk with a lid where they can store their stationary and some books – no more chair bags! They are included into the SP Sport timetable which is enthralling for all – first on the agenda this week was the SP Gala. The spirit was phenomenal and the pupils swam so enthusiastically.  Well done!
The Class theme is Countries around the World and the pupils are going to learn interesting facts about different cultures and heritages.

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