Tuesday, 13 November 2018 17:12

To enable high-quality learning, we need to put tools in the hands of the students. Devices are important tools to aid a variety of activities – ranging from viewing and interacting with digital content, using games for learning, researching, collating and evaluating data, collaborating and communicating with other students, creating and sharing artefacts or presentations, coding, robotics and a multitude of other activities. 

In 2019, we will expect all students to bring their own device to school to aid the learning process from Grade 8-12. There is a wide variety of devices to choose from, with many different specifications and form factors and the choice is yours to make – laptop / tablet / 2-in-1 device.

It is important that you review the Curro device requirements explained in Curro’s “Choosing the right device” brochure when purchasing a device for your child. This brochure is attached and has been loaded as a resource on the D6 Communicator.


In the past, all Curro schools have charged a monthly e-learning fee that included the cost of e-textbooks. This fee will no longer be charged from 2019; the cost of purchasing textbooks will now be carried by the parents.

To purchase e-books from MyHub, please visit

Click on “Request user details” You will then be asked to insert the ID number of the parent linked to the registration of students at Grantleigh. The password will be sent to the email address linked to the ID number on the Curro administrative system.

From then on, your email address is the username.

Textbooks are a resource that aids the learning process and provide access to the essential knowledge that students will need. A textbook is, however, one of many tools that aid the learning process. In 2019 all students will be required to purchase either hard copy textbooks OR eBooks depending on the teachers’ choice for their subject. Attached is a list of the prescribed textbooks – as you will see, some are hard copy and these can be purchased from Kenart or any other supplier of your choice. Some of the books will be ordered by the school and your account will be debited to cover the cost. The e-books will need to be purchased by you using the myHub portal - guidance on how to make eBook purchases through the MyHub portal is attached to this letter and has been loaded as a resource on the D6 Communicator. E-books will be available for purchase from              12 November 2018.

Regardless of whether textbooks are hard copy or e-Books, we still expect all students to bring their own e-devices to school. Please note that should a parent prefer to order hard copy books instead of the e-books, they may do so but we have not requested Kenart to stock these as the teachers have recommended using e-books.

In some subjects, teachers put together compilations of their own notes into booklets which are neat and students find them easy to study from. These work out very reasonable and where applicable, you will be charged for the issue of these books. The prices will vary depending on the size of the booklets – probably in the region of R20-R30 per book. You will be informed about this before your account is debited.