Grantleigh Schools are a member of the Curro Group of schools and as such fall under the Curro management structures.  Day to day management of the schools is the responsibility of the management team as detailed below:


Grantleigh Management Team
The Executive Head, Andrew Norris is responsible for the organization, the staffing and the good governance of Grantleigh Schools. He is ably assisted by the Operational Head of the College, Juriana Filmalter and by the Operational Head of the  Preparatory School, Ivan Olivier.  They make up the Executive Team working closely with the fourth member of the Executive Team, the Bursar Julius Truter.  The Executive Head and both Operational Heads are assisted by an effective middle management system in their various sections and they meet weekly to ensure the smooth running of the school.  Caroline Stevens is the Marketing Manager of the school.

The High School:

Juriana Filmalter serves as Head of High School and is assisted by the  Head of Academics, Janet McGrath and her team of Heads of Departments.   The Head of High School is supported by the 3 House Directors and their team of Tutors.  Juriana Filmalter also serves as Head of Culture and Shaun Kommer is the Head of Sport.

The Primary School:

Ivan Olivier heads up the Primary School which is divided into 3 phases each with its own Phase Head.

  • Barbara Leslie  – Intermediate Phase
  • Louisa van der Walt – Foundation Phase
  • Lise Harrison - Pre-School Phase

The above members of the school's management team are responsible for the day to day administration of the school.  They hold weekly staff meetings with their relevant staff for planning and communication purposes.