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Alumni Newsletter 1 Open File

Curro Alumni Facebook Page

Once a member of Grantleigh, always a part of the family!

This is your page where you can find out more about fellow past pupils and share your news with others.  
To make sure that you're always up to date with all alumni notifications, we request that you please install the Grantleigh School Communicator, click on Personalise and make sure that the Alumni box is checked.

Please fill in the Past Pupil Questionaire below to keep us posted with where you are and what you are doing.  We would love to keep in touch with Grantleigh past pupils.

Here are some of the responses which we have had:


Dear Mr McMurtry

I was a student at Grantleigh College and matriculated in 2009. I have been at Rhodes University ever since (a long time, I know!), and came across another Grantleigh alumni at Rhodes: Moya Vaughan-Williams. I thought you may be interested to know about her latest great achievement, which is receiving attention across South Africa.

Moya is currently in her final year of an LLB degree at Rhodes, while I am completing an LLM. This year I was asked to co-coach a moot team for the ELSA Moot Court Competition. Moya was one of four students selected to be part of this moot team, and was then chosen as team captain. The team competed in the African Regional Round of the moot in March 2016, and were placed FIRST out of the the ten competing African teams. As a result, they will be travelling to Geneva in June to compete in the international round against teams from Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region. This is an amazing achievement, and has received extensive media coverage (e.g. http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/2016/04/05/Rhodes-students-pip-Wits-to-score-trip-to-Switzerland).

Go Grantleigh alumni!

Kind regards,


Tyron Curran matriculated in 2004 and taught at Grantleigh during 2009 and 2010:  I am currently working in London as a teacher in a school that stands in stark contrast to Grantleigh.  When I stand in the classroom and teach I am reminded of the teaching I received, the calibre of teacher I had to look up to and, most recently, the ones that I could call colleagues.  Grantleigh I applaud you for the standard you are setting.  The UK is far behind you!

Batho Mthethwa matriculated in 2007:  Grantleigh taught me that successful people are those that never quit whether it is being on the field or in the class; that strength is gained by tryin over and over again.  Thank you for everything, teachers!

Michelle Warren writes from Australia:  I had the most terrific time at Grantleigh till I had to move to Australia.  I made amazing friends and there were so many activities that I could take part in.

Also from Australia, Chris Moir says:  I miss the South African culture, let alone the Grantleigh culture!  Althought I left the school in Grade 7, I still have clear memories from the great past.  Grantleigh will always be a part of me till I am too old to remember.

Yet another response from Australia, Kesley Luis says:  Totally loved my years at Grantleigh.  What a great environment to learn in.  Excellent teachers and made life long friends.  Moving and experience of school elsewhere makes me appreciate my years at Grantleigh even more. 

Renira Rugnath is now in the USA:  I moved to the US after standard 3 and am now a freshman in high school I am taking all advanced classes and I am thankful for the work ethic and discipline that I learned from attending Grantleigh.  It is a recipe for success.

Heiko Schwarz is now in London and says:  I enjoyed my time at Grantleigh, it really helped shape me into the person that I have become.

Petra Ceronio (nee Kvalsvig): It was sad for me to read that I missed the reunion in July 2010.  I have wonderful memories of my years spent at Grantleigh and would not have changed any of them for the world.

Misha Ramsamy matriculated in 2009 and writes:  I miss Grantleigh College ALOT!  I loved the feeling of everyone being one big family!  Being out of school and on your own is tough and sometime confusing - I wish I could come back!  I am currently studying towards by BCompt degree.  Thereafter I will practise for a few years and then continue on my true passion - teaching.  I have learnt a lot from Grantleigh and there is not other place like it nor have I met anyone with such warmth and a caring nature like the teachers of Grantleigh.  Thank you!

Denille Gibson writes from Australia:  Although I was only at Grantleigh for 2 years, before moving to Australia, they were the best 2 years.  I don't think any other school could live up to my wonderful experiences at Grantleigh.  I'm currently living in Melbourne and working at 20th Century Fox as a Channel Exec.  I graduated from Curtin Uni in Perth with a Bachelors of Commerce, double major in Marketing and Public Relations.  I loved every minute at Grantleigh, from the early morning bus trips from Meerensee to all of the hockey matches.

Zipho Gumede spent Grade 8 at Grantleigh and he says:  Had the best year ever!

Zipporah Thomas now lives in Canada:  I spent almost 2 years at Grantleigh which were some of the happiest memories of school.  I now live in Chetwynd, Canada.  I always try to make time to go by the school when I am home for a visit.

Cara du Toit matriculated in 2008 and is now at Rhodes University.  She writes:  Going to Grantleigh was one of the best choices I ever made and I enjoyed everything the school provided, from excellent teaching staff to the sense of family at Grantleigh.  The friends I made there are now friends I will treasure forever.

Brandon Maary visited our website feeling nostalgic:  I do miss those school days - life was so muc less stressful compared to the working world.  Life after Grantleigh:  I have completed my Honours in Motion Picture Producing at AFDA in Johannesburg where I won Best Producer and my student film took home 8 awards.  Currently I am working at Ochre/Saffron TV.  I've worked my way up from intern to production assistant to production manager...still a long way to go to becoming a big shot producer!

Thuto Ngidi was at Grantleigh for 2 years and this is what she had to say:  Grantleigh for me was an unbelievable experience.  It is true what they say: "You never know what you have until it is gone".  I now attend St Mary's but Grantleigh will alwyas be a part of my heart.  A special thanks to Mrs Leslie who always kept me interested and awake in her lessons.

Siobhan van Niekerk left after Gr 7 and now lives in New Zealand:  It's so amazing to see how the school has changed and to see the people I grew up with have changed.  I wish all the Gr 12's all the best for their last year.  I have now graduated from High School and am going to University.

Eben Engelbrecht writes from Johannesburg:  I had some fantastic years at Grantleigh, even though most of my memories are sports related.  I have achieved things at Grantleigh which I never would have anywhere else and for that I am thankful.

Joy Shabalala is now at Thomas More College.  She writes:  Grantleigh is absolutely the foundation of all success.  For me, Grantleigh was where I learnt to form relationships with people on the sports fields, in the classrooms and in the boarding establishment.  I miss it very much as no school I have ever been to has ever had the same atmosphere, warmth and love that is shared amongst the Grantleigh family.  So if you're in Grantleigh count yourself SUPER lucky.  There is no place like it!

Victoria van Dijk/Rumble write from Ballito:  Looking at Grantleigh now, so many things have changed.  All the steps to making it a better institution.  I can remember the day of having Drama and Art in the chicken coops to being one of the first matrics.  My most memorable moment was the school play Oklahoma.  Thos times I miss.

Nomcebo Nhlabathi writes:  I really love Grantleigh - the environment at the school is really friendly.  I miss it very much - all the dedicated teachers and caring pupils.  The level of education, respect, determination and spirit was just fascinating.

Chantall Victor writes from Australia:  Moving to a new country and starting afresh is a very intimidating experience but with what the teachers at Grantleigh taught me I didn't struggle.  I thank God everyday for the teachers that were put into my life to have brought me this far.....Thank you to all the teachers for teaching me things beyond the classroom walls.

Daniella Howe writes from England saying that Grantleigh makes you feel so at home.  "Grantleigh is the best school I have ever been to by far."

Keroshin Reddy matriculated in 2005 and writes:  Hi to everyone at Grantleigh and who checks out the Grantleigh page.  I just wanted to let everyone know that a film I produced, acted in and composed the music for will be screening at the Grahamstown Festival.  It is an animation entitled "The Gravekeeper".

Jasmin Lund matriculated in 2007, she writes:  Grantleigh is the school where I learnt to become the person I am today.  It also taught me to be dedicated to whatever I do and to never give up.  I am now in my second year of nursing and I owe it all to my teachers.  Thank you.

Refentse Sebothoma matriculated in 2006 and writes:  "The years I spent at Grantleigh provided me with the knowledge and skill I need to be a success in life.  As a dedicated art student, I am now completing my degree in Graphic Design at the Design School, Southern Africa.  To the staff that moulded me into who I am today - especially Mrs Ireland for believing in my talent - thank you.  (Mrs Ireland was very delighted to read these words of thanks).

Lindy Gray matriculated in 2008 and writes:  Grantleigh will always be a huge part of my life.  Everything from the sports that we all played, the teachers we worked with and the friends we made will always be with me.  What a wonderful place to 'grow up" and be during your school years.  There is honestly no better place!

Stephanie Marx says that the loving support of the Grantleigh teachers has inspired her to become a teacher.  "So that I can follow in their footsteps".

Stacey King was at Grantleigh from the time that she was 2 years old until the end of Grade 7!  At the end of 2008 her family moved to Tasmania and this is what she had to say:  "Going to a new school made me realise how lucky i was to go to Grantleigh.  It was home away from home and everyone looked out for each other.    Anyone who attends Grantleigh School is really lucky and should be proud of the school they go to!"

Sabelo Mthembu was Deputy Headboy in 2008 and his message was very encouraging for the staff at Grantleigh:  "I would like to send my gratitude and appreciation to the Grantleigh staff.  The growth that I experienced at Grantleigh was really uplifting.  Keep up the hard work and dedication because, as much as the students don't admit it, your work really hits the heart.

Nikki Engelbrecht says:  "I'm really enjoying the new website!  Big improvement!  Grantleigh was really good to us throughout my high school career and it's great to catch up on everything happening there.  Since leaving Grantleigh 3 years ago, I've completed my Bachelors in Accounting degree at the University of Stellenbosch and I'm staying on next year to do Honours in Accounting.

Riana van der Merwe is now in Townsville, Australia.  She spent "2 bakgat years" at Grantleigh and writes:  "Grantleigh was all one could ask for!  Grantleigh will always be a very important part of our lives!  We miss you!

Terry-Lynn Fourie spent 6 years at Grantleigh and writes: "I look back on my days at Grantleigh with fond memories, from the chicken coops to the building of the College - being one of the first matrics to graduate I feel honoured to have been part of the growing Grantleigh family."

Nicole Wise writes from Australia and says: "The Boarding Establishment was a great learning environment and the school was all one could ask for!  You will never find a school as top-notch as Grantleigh!  True caring community!"

Lungani Malo spent 4 years at Grantleigh College and was Headboy in 2007.  He says, "This school will always be a very important part of my life.  I learned a lot from the Grantleigh family and it has helped me to become the person that I am today."

Also, did you know that there is a "Grantleigh Alumni" group on facebook?
Visit this group via your facebook account and catch up with life at Grantleigh at the same time as keeping up with old friends.

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