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Grantleigh Parent Association Committee


GPA Chairman's Report 2016 (added on 21 Apr 2017)


The GPAC is a constitutionally elected parent committee representing the Grantleigh parent body and aims to:

  • Act as an interface between the parents and the school
  • Form a feedback loop to the Management Committee and Board of Trustees
  • Raise funds for the school through specific scheduled events throughout the year

The GPAC aims to achieve this through three sub-committees as follows:

  • Parent Liason, Marketing and PRO
    • Closely aligned to the ethos of the school – Caring for our Children, linked through the Class Carer system
    • Closely aligned to the goals of the school’s marketing strategy
    • Communicates the GPA activities and forthcoming events through the “Yellow Pages"
  • Fellowship and Social Functions
    • Hosting functions on behalf of and for the Parent body with the Parents, Teachers and the Community
  • Fundraising
  • The fundraising events for this year are:
  • Senor Chef
  • Grantleigh Mountain Bike Challenge:

The elected GPAC members are:


Chairperson: Kevin Brooks
Vice Chairman: Quinten Vivier
Secretary: Anzuette Loubser
Treasurer: Colette Singery
General Members:

Quintin van Onselen - School and Infrastructure

Xoli Mazibulo - Co-opted Member: Marketing & PR

Debbie Smith - Marketing and Public Relations

Debbie Van Wyk - Culture

Sharon Hardy - Fundraising

Richard Stone - Co-opted Member : Fundraising

Morris Fox - Co-opted Member :Fundraising 
Anton Bothma - Sport

Andrew Anderson - Co-opted Member: Sport

Donny Cloete - Co-opted Member: Sport

Chris Beukman - Academics

GPA Contact Details - 2017 (added on 8 Mar 2017)

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G.P.A.C Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of GPA meeting held 24th April (added on 16 May 2017)

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GPA AGM Minutes 2017 (added on 21 Apr 2017)

GPA Minutes Nov. 2016 (added on 5 Dec 2016)

GPA Minutes - 21st September 2016 (added on 24 Oct 2016)

GPA EXEC Minutes - 20th July 2016 (added on 29 Jul 2016)

GPA Minutes of Meeting on 14 June 2016 (added on 20 Jul 2016)

GPA Committee - Minutes of meeting held on 20 April 2016 (added on 3 May 2016)

GPA Committee Meeting Minutes from March 2016

GPAC Minutes- AGM held 16 February 2016

GPAC Minutes- Meeting held 24 February 2016

GPAC Minutes- Meeting held 5th August 2015

G.P.A.C Financials

GPA FY 15 and FY 16 Financials (added on 21 Apr 2017)

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GPAC Financial Information 2015/2016 (added on 31 Jan 2017)

GPA Financials - Nov. 2016 (added on 5 Dec 2016)

GPA Financials - 2016 (added on 24 Oct 2016)

GPA Committee Financials to 31 July 2016 (added on 5 Aug 2016)

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GPA Income and Expenditure 2016 (added on 20 Jul 2016)

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GPA Committee - Financials 2016 (added on 3 May 2016)
GPA Committee - Bank Statement 2016 (added on 3 May 2016)