Prep School
Senior Preparatory



The Senior Preparatory phase includes learners from Grades 4 up to and including Grade 7.

At Grantleigh we strive to build on the needs of the individual from the points of knowledge, skills, values, concepts and attitudes.  The overall approach is child-centred and regular staff meetings are held to discuss the best way forward for the individuals in our care.

A rich and stimulating programme is offered which recognizes the core learning areas of English (main language), Maths, Afrikaans (second language), Natural Science and Human and Social Sciences.  Balance and enrichment is provided by the other important learning areas including Music, Art, Computer Studies, Robotics and Physical Education, all of which are presented to the pupils by experienced, qualified teachers. The subject of Robotics was introduced as from the beginning of 2015.

A strong culture of environmentalism exists and learners regularly go on outings and excursions to areas where this important awareness is reinforced. Academic excursions are a feature of our school and, with a fleet of buses at our disposal, places of educational interest are readily accessible and all grades enjoy major and minor excursions.



Junior Preparatory


“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”  William Butler Yeats

At Grantleigh children are individuals and loved unconditionally. Through teaching of the highest calibre, Junior Prep pupils are encouraged to think for themselves, to use the skills they have acquired in various contexts to express their own enthusiasm and to rejoice in the differences that exist between them.

This passion for bringing out the unique talents in each pupil lies at the heart of our education philosophy ensuring that pupils will want to go on learning all their lives. This is achieved through a caring and dedicated staff, well-adjusted pupils and a very supportive parent body.

For effective learning to take place children must be actively engaged therefore they are exposed to co-operative, integrated and varied learning experiences. To ensure this, teachers keep up with modern and innovative teaching trends. We always endeavour to create an environment that is safe both physically and emotionally, where authentic relationships can develop between teachers and their pupils.

Afrikaans mother-tongue classes were introduced from Grade R level at the beginning of 2015.  To date we have Afrikaans classes up to and including Grade 3.

To support the academic programme, the children receive specialised teaching in certain subjects. They do this in groups of no more than 13 to optimize the learning experience.

Junior Prep Computers

Grantleigh is following the “Why Not Computing” curriculum which provides all the components pupils require to master the computer.  The computer is used as a tool for problem solving, creative expression and communication.  It provides pupils with motivation and the means to improve their learning capabilities.  In short, it supports other areas of learning and enables them to master their world.

Junior Prep Music

The benefits of music for young children in their cognitive, physical and emotional development seem to be limitless. At Grantleigh we use music to improve the pupil’s concentration, memory, co-ordination, fine motor skills, listening and communication skills, as well as their confidence.  And then there is the most important reward of all – music is fun!

Junior Prep Media

The well stocked library provides a haven in which children can explore their new-found reading skills and they have a weekly opportunity to exchange books which they enjoy at home.

Junior Prep Art

The Junior Prep Art room is a place of creativity and fun.  The children are exposed to a variety of different mediums and the wonderful young talent is showcased on a variety of  places around the school.

In conclusion, children at Grantleigh are encouraged to think independently and actively participate in the learning process and in this way they are led to independence and self-discovery.