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Why we do sport the way we do it at Grantleigh

The philosophy of sport at Grantleigh is one of instilling a love for competitive sport from a young age with the main aim being that of having fun.  We strive to make our sports teams as competitive as possible without losing focus on the fun aspect, love of the game and the importance of always giving of one’s best.  Our sportsmen and women are taught to win with humility, lose with dignity and show good sportsmanship at all times.

To achieve this we take guidance from the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model as this is considered to be most suitable to our situation. It governs the sports policy formation, as well as aims and objectives. This model of athlete development is internationally recognised and underwritten by SASCOC in the South African Sport for Life programme. The LTAD guides us on what the appropriate student ages are to introduce the various aspects of sport with the ultimate goal of developing a love for sports participation that will be life-long, creating healthy, lifestyle-disease free adults.

To learn more about how sport is run at our school from practicing procedures to awarding of accolades, please follow the link below:

Sport Policy 2017

I hope this helps provide an understanding of our approach to sport at Grantleigh.



At Grantleigh, academics and sports are balanced by extensive cultural opportunities.  We firmly believe that this is imperative if one is to achieve a rounded education.  Participation in cultural activities grows self esteem and simple exposure broadens a child’s life experience.

On a weekly basis, the children are exposed to classical music at each assembly and this is coupled with a short explanation of the composer and style of music.  The children who take music lessons are also given the opportunity to play for the assembly.

The major cultural event of each year is the annual drama production.  Each phase of the school takes a turn to stage a production which is always a wonderful, colourful evening showcasing the work done in the Art, Drama and Music departments at Grantleigh.

Culture in the College


Grantleigh has an active music department.  Tuition is offered on a private basis in piano, flute, saxophone, trumpet, euphonium and tuba.  Students who take individual lessons are given regular opportunities to perform in weekly assemblies and other music concerts.  The enjoyment of sharing music is encouraged.

An annual "Showcase" concert is held at the school, in which the talents of our choirs, bands and individual musicians are showcased.

Over the past few years Grantleigh has hosted the KZN Philharmonic orchestra, as well as the KZN youth orchestra and the KZN youth choir.

College Choir

There are 100 members in the College Choir. The choir performs at various school functions such as award ceremonies, Founders' Day services, etc.  They have also performed at regional choir festivals and eisteddfods.

Grantleigh Gospel Group (3G)

3G was a student initiative and was founded in 2012 by one of our senior Music students. The choir is led by senior students who oversee the choice of repertoire, rehearsals and performances.  They perform regularly at school and other functions.

College Band

The College band is made up of flutes, clarinets, saxophones (alto, tenor and baritone), trumpets, violins, cello, keyboards, guitars and drums and percussion.  This 30-member band has a repertoire including light music and jazz and performs on a regular basis both at school functions and outside of the school, such as at country clubs, competitions and eisteddfods.

Marimba Bands

Last year our recent acquisition of marimbas saw the first Grantleigh Marimba Band founded.  This year a second band will be added.  Both of these bands are led by senior students, under the guidance of a teacher.  The founding marimba band impressed us with their debut performances and we look forward to hearing more from our two marimba bands.

Senior Preparatory Band

Our senior prep band includes members from grades 3, 4, 5 and 6.  The instruments featured in our band include violin, flute, cello, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, euphorium, keyboard, piano, marimba and drum kit.  The band performs music in various genres and eagerly participates in public performances.  All senior prep musicians are welcome.

Senior Preparatory Choir

This includes boys and girls from grades 4, 5 and 6.  They perform regularly at school functions and at the local eisteddfod.

Junior Preparatory Choir

The JP Choir has over a hundred members and has won the category of Best Choreographed Choir in the Zululand Eisteddfod for the last three consecutive eisteddfods.



Art has been an important part of Grantleigh since its inception.  Pupils are offered the opportunity of experiencing a wide range of mediums which include; ceramics, printmaking, craft, new media and drawing and painting.  "Art Space" offers extra-curricular art and the opportunity for art extention.  Our excellent results in the matric examinations and eisteddfods bear testimony to the high standard of art produced in our school.  Pupils are given the chance to experiment, make their own choices, and express themselves freely in a well equipped environment with individual tutorship.  The 'Grantleigh Art Experience' is unique!


The Drama experience at Grantleigh encompasses the study of theatre history, famous theatre practitioners and plays through the ages from Greek to contemporary.  Much emphasis is placed on practical work which involves many aspects of performance with the juniors being involved in improvisation, mime, clowning and mask making while the seniors work on monologues, scenes, dramatised prose and stage fighting, etc.  Inter-house theatre and play productions provide opportunties, besides performing, to learn about other aspects of Drama such as set and costume design, backstage management and directing.

Drama is an exciting subject which encourages students to challenge themselves and to push their boundaries.  It boosts confidence and enhances communication skills, and this is an advantage to any field of study a student chooses after leaving school.

Clubs & Societies


Grantleigh has a number of Clubs which allow students to grow beyond the classroom and the sportsfield:

Interact:  This is a group involved in outreach projects to the local community.  They meet weekly.  See Key projects:  Outreach for more information.

SCA:  This is a very active group who meet weekly. 

Enviro-Club:  This group undertake various projects around the school and have regular outings to the surrounding conservation areas.

President's Award:  This is a personal growth programme for which students register and which they complete in their own time.  It operates on a national level and is well recognised as an outstanding achievement.

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